I would encourage anyone who can to begin supporting Archer Ministry!  Rebecca has been a huge blessing to our organization (Harvest Evangelistic Association) over the years.  With her help we have one annual Evangelistic church planting effort that has a 5-day attendance of over 125,000 kids, moms and dads in over 300 remote mountain churches in southern Mexico.  Each year over 15,000 people surrender their lives to Jesus and dozens of new churches are planted!  Rebecca spends her travels training pastors and their children’s leaders how to develop cutting edge children’s ministries that will change their churches and communities forever!  Please consider partnering with Archer Ministry and helping to send Rebecca to places where you may never set foot in your entire life, but through your giving your footprint will be forever in that place for all eternity!  Together we can change the world for the glory of God!  Thank you, Rebecca, for all you do.

Greg, Michele and the entire HEA Staff

Rebecca has a great calling upon her life that has impacted many leaders in Uganda, Kenya and Rwanda. Through her teachings, leaders, Pastors, Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists and teachers have transformed the church.

Moses Tinsley, Uganda, Africa

Rebecca “has crossed the seven seas to teach teachers, but I know pastors, elders and deacons who need this teaching!”

Nepal Pastor Coordinator

Manuelita attended the Vacation Bible School event in Chiapas, Mexico never having worked with children before. She was inspired by God through Rebecca’s teachings to begin working with children in her area. Her life was threatened because of this work! Shortly, she felt the call to go to Haiti and work with children there. She started in an orphanage, but asked if there were any place nearby that did not have a church. On her own, with the blessing of her overseers, she planted a church in the mountains. Manuelita now lives in the village where she planted the church.  Now, she rides on the back of a little motorcycle to 12 areas without churches! She feeds the children and preaches the Gospel to them. Her plan is to plant churches in each area. What a joy to have a part in this amazing ministry. Rebecca plans to do workshops each year in Haiti with Manuelita.